Sunday, February 5, 2012

Imbolc Crown

(based on the directions found on PaganDad's site)

We started with a medium sized grapevine wreath, I think about 6-8 inches in diameter, a 6ft length of ivy, some white and yellow silk mini daffodiles, green, yellow and silver ribbons and four 6inch white taper candles.

Other supplies included a glue gun, scissors, and a small wire cutter (the one we have is part of a jewelry-making tool kit).

After warming up the glue gun, we started wrapping the ivy around the wreath, gluing the starting point into the wreath to hold it in place.  Next, we cut the flowers from the stems (using the wire cutter), and began weaving them into the wreath all around, leaving a small clear space for the bow.

Then, we cut two lengths of ribbon, one green and one yellow, tied them into bows and glued them together, then onto the wreath.

When we got to the candles, we cut the silver ribbon into four pieces, and wrapped the candles partway down.  Since I couldn't get the candles to stay glued to the wreath, I ended up using two twisty-ties per candle, and attached them that way in the center part of the wreath.

Once it was done, it made a lovely centerpiece for the dinner table.

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  1. Those are so great,, I love the decorations you put on them,, I do these as well, only I gather sticks to form a pentacle! Makes wonderful gifts for my pagan friends,, I have not sold any yet to busy giving them away.. you did a great job. Merry Meet. Kandy <3