Friday, February 24, 2012

D is also for ... Dedication

For this week's "D" topic, I am sharing a portion of my personal (re-)Dedication to the Goddess.  This is the very first page in my BoS, and though my actual dedication is much more involved, this excerpt reveals the very core of my intentions.

"To the Goddess in all Her forms, I dedicate myself.  Not only for the coming year, but always.  I desire nothing more than to know Her, and myself, and through that knowledge become a better person, mother and friend.  As I will, so mote it be!"

This was written several years after I initially dedicated to Her.  I have learned much in the intervening years, between my original dedication and this rededication, as well as in the years since.  I know, though, that I still have lessons to learn, and experiences to have and share.  My learning will never be complete, and I expect that as I enter new phases in my life, and my perspective changes, I will go through a few more "re-dedications" to show Her my renewed and continued interest, to express my passions, and to teach my children.

While there are dedications within a coven setting, there are many personal dedications we can experience.  I am sure many others have also gone through various dedications in their own paths.  We have so many opportunities, from our initial decision to learn more about the Pagan paths, to formally dedicating to a particular path, then if we change our path, we dedicate to the new one. We also may find ourselves feeling the need to rededicate from time to time as we move through life, becoming a spouse/partner, parent, aunt/uncle, work with new groups of people, then moving into the crone/sage stage. 

Dedication can and should be a very personal thing, though it is wonderful if it can be shared with those who understand and respect your decision in the matter.  A dedication, however, does not require anyone's approval or attendance, and can be done in a time, place and manner that suits the individual.  The only one who needs to witness is the Goddess (and God, if you so choose), and She will be pleased.

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  1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and your wonderful uplifting words - they meant so much and I could just feel those doubts slipping away. May I ask where you are in Texas - I lived just outside Houston for nearly 3 years and we still miss y'all!