Thursday, February 9, 2012

C is also for ... A Child's Bedtime Prayer

This is one I wrote when my son was real little, and suffered from night terrors & was also terrified of bath time.  It seemed to help; at least, when we remembered to say it, the terrors were less, and it still provides comfort for both of my children.

Father of the Forest,
Mother of the Moon,
As this day ends,
We thank you for family and friends,
For everything we've seen
and everything we've done;
For everything we've learned,
and everyone we love.
But most of all,
For loving and protecting us.
Please watch us as we sleep,
And bring us dreams sweet.

Feel free to use this with your own little ones, or to share with friends!



  1. Lovely - I would alway sing an old Shaker song to my son.

  2. That's lovely and one that even an adult could use really, thanks for sharing.