Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well, even though it's on my calendar, today kind of snuck up on me.  I've had so much else going on that I didn't even plan for a special dinner or any activities with the kids :(

So, what we'll be doing, besides taking a day off from school, is reading a few stories, and looking at all the gardening magazines to start planning our garden we'll have in our new house.  But right now, the kids are outside playing; the grass is green, the sun is warm but not hot, and everything looks and smells clean and fresh, thanks to the thunderstorm we had all night long.  (They are both wearing clothes I don't mind them getting muddy...)

We'll save dying eggs, the egg hunt and baskets for a couple weeks, and should be in our house by then. 

At least we'll be acknowledging today's significance in the grand scheme of things, even though we're not doing anything fancy.


  1. It snuck up on me too! We're going to dye our eggs and do some crafts tomorrow hopefully. Then on Thursday have our egg hunt.

    Planning the garden sounds great though. I wish I had a green thumb but I seem to keep killing the plants I try to grow.

  2. I haven't gardened in years... I just remember it (now) as one of my favorite things about childhood. I can remember so clearly going out to pull weeds with my brother and sister, eating cherry tomatoes right off the vine, shelling peas/beans with the family under the tree in the yard... I want to give my own children some of that same satisfaction in seeing their own efforts bear fruit (literally) as my parents gave me.

    Hope I can still get things to grow for me!