Monday, August 6, 2012

L is for ... Life

The last two months have been super busy.  My last post was done two days before my son decided to be born 2 1/2 weeks early :)  Since then, everything has been go-go-go seemingly without a minute to rest.  Needless to say, I have seriously fallen behind on the PBP, and haven't quite gotten around to catching up.  I hope to begin rectifying that.  I have recently found myself with 6 hours a week in which I do next to nothing, and I am planning to put this time to good use.

So what have I been doing?  Besides trying to keep up with the house chores, as I mentioned my baby was born.  The week we went home we ended up back at the hospital lab the day after, and the pediatrician's office the next two days for his bili tests.  His levels continued to rise, and we ended up in the hospital when he was 5 days old for phototherapy.  Luckily, it was just one night and his levels dropped and became manageably safe so we could go home again.  Oh, and I should mention my a/c quit the day after we went home the first time.  About a week later, the a/c completely died, and we had to install a brand-new system, indoors and out.  Yikes.

Of course, I kept my commitments to my Coven, and hosted the last several Esbats/Sabbats due to my pregnancy and then the birth.

July was spent attending family events, including planning and carrying out my daughter's birthday party.  As far as she's concerned, it was a success, which is good.  I was a little bummed because two of my closest friends in San Antonio weren't able to make it, and they are the only friends I have with kids around my own kids' ages.  However, some of my fiance's cousin's kids came, so it's all good.

On top of that, my fiance and I made the decision (a very hard decision for me to accept) to send our (well, my) older son to public school at the end of the month.  He'll be going into second grade and I am positively terrified that we're going to run into all the same problems we had the first time he went to school.  Crossing my fingers that this school is better equipped to handle him.  My daughter also wanted to go to school, so I signed her up for the pre-k program, which is a half-day class.  I have no worries about how she'll do.

Throughout July, we continued having multiple appointments, both for the kids and myself.  My son (7) has been in speech, occupational and physical therapy for awhile now, and for some reason the insurance decided to nix his approval.  We had to get a new referral, go to a new agency, and redo all the evals to qualify him for the services he needs.  They're still arguing the PT, but did give approval for about 6wks of sessions.  They approved the ST and OT with no problems.  This is where I found my 6 hours of "down-time".  We go 2 days a week, for about 3 hours each for his therapy sessions which are currently back-to-back-to-back, at least until school starts.  Then, I imagine we will be going 4 days a week to get the sessions in after school, or we will be missing some (or alot of) school.  We're still waiting for the official Autism screening, with a different facility.

Now we're into August, and I'm wondering where on earth the summer went!  I was just thinking that I haven't really done anything "witchy" for so long... Then I realized that I have celebrated each Esbat and Sabbat, I wrote several rituals for a friend of mine (healing, travel, new home), as well as writing and planning a Paganing ceremony for my children, which we did at our Lughnassah celebration this past Saturday.

I anticipate the rest of the month being just as busy, what with our almost daily appointments, and plans for every weekend, I don't foresee life settling down anytime soon.

So when I think I'm not "doing enough", I just have to remember I'm doing all I can and then some.  I'm sure the Goddess understands.  After all, she wouldn't have given me more than I could handle, right?

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